Zero waste

Acting on principles instead of greenwashing: A sustainable perspective for coffee

Sustainability in coffee production is a complex challenge that involves various aspects such as cultivation, transport routes, roasting methods and the sheer volume of coffee produced. Although it is difficult to consider coffee in its entirety as "sustainable", we are committed to implementing best practices to minimize our impact on the environment.

The best packaging is none!

Our efforts to promote sustainability extend throughout the entire procurement process. We are proud to carry organic and fair trade certifications and our coffee comes from reputable specialty traders who supply the highest quality raw materials. This is an important step to improve quality and social standards in coffee production, but we recognize that this alone is not enough to address the challenges mentioned above.

Not only does it look pretty!

In our position, we see the greatest leverage in terms of coffee sustainability in packaging. We are committed to designing our packaging solutions in a sustainable way. Our coffee bags are 100% made in Germany and consist of raw materials that are also obtained in Germany. We use stamps to avoid additional waste from stickers and other applications.

Our alternative!

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the best packaging is not disposable packaging. That's why we developed our zero waste aroma bucket, which is made in Austria. With this innovative concept, our customers can purchase their coffee in food-safe aroma containers, which are available in 10 kg, 5 kg or 1 kg containers. This zero-waste approach allows our customers to reduce packaging waste to zero while contributing to the freshness and quality of the coffee.

The transport!

We also attach great importance to environmentally friendly logistics solutions and deliver our products on regular tours to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible.

the responsibility

Our vision is to view sustainability not just as a marketing strategy, but as a deeply rooted principle of our actions. By making sustainable decisions at every step of our value chain, we are committed to responsible coffee production.

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A little insight into our coffee workshop

Our coffee roasting company - Kaffeewerkstatt Salzburg

With our new roasting control and sensor technology, we can measure the temperature of the beans inside the roasting oven and thus specifically delay the roasting point or the development phase after the “first crack”.

Thanks to this gentle and very slow roasting process , the beans are not roasted too hot, the aromas do not evaporate and the individual natural taste remains, which is characterized by the individual growing regions.

All blends are roasted using the “single-origin” process. The result is a very digestible coffee with few bitter substances and a natural coffee aroma .

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