Coffee in the office: “No Worry Time”
Fixed price for machines & coffee beans

The perfect partner for anyone looking for an honest, high-quality and sustainable “Made in Austria” coffee solution.
For offices and companies of all types and industries, for companies and businesses of all sizes.

The Austrian alternative to Nespresso & coffee capsules for good coffee at work.

Fully automatic coffee machine & coffee beans in a worry-free subscription model . Rental of technology & coffee in the office – at an attractive monthly rate.

Our Coffeerence "No Worry Cup" explanatory video : rent coffee & machines worry-free at a portion price

Why Coffeerence?

Our NO WORRY TIME® coffee solution was developed with the aim of offering our partners a high-quality, sustainable, individual coffee solution.

All with zero investment!

Billing is per month, at a fixed price, and all costs are included.

For an offer & FREE trial days, please fill out the request form or call +43 6582 20983 !

Our “No Worry Time®” office coffee solution includes:

Coffee machines
(fully automatic machines or portafilters)

(highest quality 100% Arabica from our own coffee roastery)

Full service
(Assembly & all service including spare parts)

Cleaning products & water filters

Coffeerence coffee cups

Of course, you can also buy or lease regular coffee and coffee machines from us.

  • "Motivator" - French Roast

    100% Arabica coffee beans
    2 blend from South America

    Aroma: hazelnut
    BODY: full, fine
    ACID: low acid


    Our “ Motivator ” is the most popular blend and impresses with its fine, pleasant aroma.

  • "Decision Maker" - Italian Roast

    100% Arabica coffee beans
    Single blend from Brazil

    Aroma: hazelnut, nougat, caramel
    BODY: full, strong
    ACID: low acid


    Our “ Decision Maker ” scores with many espresso lovers with its strong aroma.

  • "Problem Solver" Organic & Fairtrade

    100% Arabica coffee beans
    Single blend from Columbia

    Aroma: dark chocolate
    BODY: mild
    ACID: fine


    Our " Problem Solver " is an organic & fair trade certified top coffee with a refined aroma.

  • Coffee miracle number 04

    100% Arabica coffee beans

    This mixture will convince the biggest Italy fan. This blend has been successful in the top gastronomy for decades. This mixture will convince the biggest Italy fan. This blend has been successful in the top gastronomy for decades. smell.

    - Italian Roast

    - Full, & supple

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Insight into the in-house coffee roastery in Saalfelden, Salzburg

Why you want Coffeerence / FAQ:

What is Coffeerence?
The perfect partner for all those who are looking for an honest, high-quality and sustainable “Made in Austria” coffee solution for offices, companies and businesses of all types and sizes.

Why Coffeerence?
Delicious, fair, sustainable, simple, investment-free & Austrian.

Can I try Coffeerence?
Yes, free trial days, no problem!

Where can you get Coffeerence?
Throughout Austria and Germany.

How much does Coffeerence cost?
We start with zero investment costs!
Using our calculation tool, we calculate a fixed monthly rate based on your portion consumption. This is usually between €50 – €120 per month. Depending on how many portions are made with how many coffee machines and which variant you choose.

What is included in the portion price?
Coffee machines
Full service
Cleaning products & water filters
Coffeerence coffee cups

How to get to Coffeerence?
Simply fill out our request or call and arrange a free test day!

We would be happy to come to you for a non-binding consultation, meet in our roastery or at one of our customers.

What coffee is used at Coffeerence?
There are 4 blends, Italian & French Roast, all 100% highest quality Arabica.
100% craftsmanship from our coffee workshop in Salzburg.

Who already works with Coffeerence?
Offices of all kinds, hospitals, tax consultants, car dealerships, schools, kindergartens, real estate chains, production companies, hairdressers, tattoo studios, ...

At what size does Coffeerence make sense?
It really makes sense from around 20 servings a day.

Who is behind Coffeerence?
We, the Schärf GmbH family from Salzburg, are anything but a startup. That's a good thing, because roasting coffee and providing service requires a lot of experience and we have that. We have been successfully serving upscale restaurants for decades and have 3 other brands, all in the premium segment, all with the same values. With quality and honesty to sustainable success.” Founder & CEO Rafael Schärf

Coffee roastery - coffee workshop Salzburg

With our new roasting control and sensor technology, we can measure the temperature of the beans inside the roasting oven and thus specifically delay the roasting point or the development phase after the “first crack”.

Thanks to this gentle and very slow roasting process , the beans are not roasted too hot, the aromas do not evaporate and the individual natural taste remains, which is characterized by the individual growing regions.

All blends are roasted using the “single-origin” process. The result is a very digestible coffee with few bitter substances and a natural coffee aroma .

Are you interested? Then we would be happy to come to your company or you can visit us in our coffee roastery and company building. +43 6582 20983