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Da Salzburger®

Da Salzburger® "INDI POP" / ORGANIC & FAIRTRADE French Roast - 1000g

Da Salzburger® "INDI POP" / ORGANIC & FAIRTRADE French Roast - 1000g

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Variety: 100% Arabica (Single Origin)
Roasting process: Single origin long-term roasting
Roast level: French (medium)
Packaging: Kraft paper, aluminum free with aroma valve
Roasted, processed & packaged in Saalfelden

Roasted, processed & packaged in Saalfelden
Trade in organic products controlled by: AT-Bio-301

AROMA: Dark chocolate, apricot, orange

BODY: good, balanced

ACID: tangy, fruity

Why French Roast
At this special roasting point, the coffee has a particularly good body without having a bitter finish in the taste. Bitter substances that can cause stomach intolerance are avoided and the coffee can develop its full aroma. The result: A very digestible coffee with a full body and maximum aroma.

Why Da Salzburger
With our new roasting control and sensor technology, we can measure the temperature of the beans inside the roasting oven and thus specifically delay the roasting point or the development phase after the “first crack”. Thanks to this gentle and very slow roasting process, the beans are not roasted too hot, the aromas do not evaporate and the individual natural taste remains, which is characterized by the individual growing regions. All “Da Salzburger” varieties are roasted using the single-origin process to the French roast level. The result is a very digestible coffee with few bitter substances and a natural coffee aroma.

The packaging
As with almost all products, packaging is an important issue when it comes to coffee in order to maintain quality and protect the environment. For our 500g and 1,000g packaging we only use kraft paper without aluminum coating with an aroma valve. The 500g pack for private or resale has a zip closure that allows for airtight resealing. Everything is packaged by hand and stamped with a wooden stamp. This means that additional transport routes for packaging materials and waste can be avoided. Every bag is unique and you can feel it.

The advantages
– 100% highest quality Arabica coffee
– Single-origin process (each pure variety is roasted separately and only then mixed)
– 100% roasted and processed in Saalfelden (Salzburg)
– gentle long-term roasting with a traditional “Giesen” drum roasting oven
– State-of-the-art control and sensors for quality assurance
– Green coffee is not purchased ready-mixed from wholesalers
– Kraft paper packaging without aluminum coating with aroma valve and zip closure for re-closing
– 100% Salzburg operation with no involvement from corporations or large roasting companies
– no middlemen or warehouses, therefore short, direct transport routes
– Direct sales
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