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Macap grinder M2E DOMUS

Macap grinder M2E DOMUS

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The Macap M2E is one of the small but fine coffee grinders for the home or office.

It is particularly suitable for beginners but also advanced coffee lovers. The high-quality 50mm mill with disc grinder and display can either be dosed manually or grinds according to the 3 pre-programmable times. The grinding level can be adjusted easily and very precisely using the continuously variable adjustment wheel. The fork for the portafilter is height-adjustable and can be adapted to any portafilter size. The portafilter can be placed down during the grinding process without it slipping. The Macap M2E has an outstanding price-performance ratio and has been one of the most popular and proven mills on the market for years.

Dimensions: W152mm x D250mm x H382mm
Weight = 5.1kg
Bean container = 250g
Power = 250W,
Speed ​​= 1400-1680
Voltage 220-240V

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