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Tea chamomile flowers whole

Tea chamomile flowers whole

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Chamomile tea / 100g

Our chamomile tea is the perfect natural drink for anyone who wants a high quality product. It is made entirely from chamomile flowers, which, thanks to their natural properties, help relieve sleep disorders and relax. Enjoy chamomile blossom tea completely and benefit from its beneficial properties.

Quantity: 100g bag
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers

Brewing time : 5min
Infusion temperature: 100°C
Amount of tea: 1-2 tsp

Also available for catering as 1kg. for the catering request!

The advantages
– no individual packaging
– 100% highest quality tea
– Kraft paper packaging
– We are a 100% Salzburg family business with no involvement from corporations or large roasting companies

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