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Da Salzburger®

Da Salzburger® Coffee Gin Package

Da Salzburger® Coffee Gin Package

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Our Da Salzburger® Coffee Gin package includes:

1x Da Salzburger Coffee Gin 200ml
1x Da Salzburger Coffee Gin 500ml
1x Da Salzburger Coffee Gin Recipe
1x Da Salzburger coffee soap

Just like our coffee, our Da Salzburger® Gin is produced exclusively with the highest quality ingredients.

With its particularly slow burning method, this gin is created by hand in Austria:
Our Original Da Salzburger® Blues is freshly brewed as espresso and 6% of it is added to the gin.
Our unique Da Salzburger® Coffee Gin is ready – a drink full of aromatic surprises.

This coffee gin recipe playbook contains a collection of the most popular and exciting cocktail recipes for our “Da Salzburger” gin. The recipe selection was made during a tasting at the Ginhouse in Zell am See.

Send your taste buds on a unique adventure. Get inspired and have fun trying something new. Went into!

14 cocktails on 20 pages

Product information:
Printed, designed and written in Salzburg
Printing shop: The offset
Design: Paula Kirnbauer
Text: Philipp Scheiblbrandner
Paper core: offset paper cover: Gmund Bio Cycle straw
(Gmund Eco certificate, FSC certified fresh fiber and recycled pulp)

Highest quality Austrian soap with original Da Salzburger® coffee.

- Handmade in Austria
- Palm oil free
- 100% Arabica for light exfoliation
- French Roast

- Packaging 100% biodegradable
- Fresh weight: 90g

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