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Rex Royal

Rex Royal XM-PS milk foam butler

Rex Royal XM-PS milk foam butler

Preis auf Anfrage! +43 6582 20983 oder für eine persönliche Beratung.

The XM is the ideal fresh milk addition to your portafilter coffee machine. It offers high output with consistent quality even with frequently changing personnel. It also meets the highest demands for the gentle processing of fresh milk for a wide range of milk types.

Net without taxes: € 8200 including assembly (Austria)
For discounts and a consultation appointment, please contact us on +43 6582 20983 or

Our unique and investment-free all-inclusive “No Worry Cup & Time” solution is possible with this model. More info!

Over 60 years of experience with coffee machine service and maintenance.
Our service team is available to you 365 days a year.


Barista quality

Milk foam in variable consistency, perfectly foamed at the touch of a button. Create your coffee specialties like a barista with consistent quality; hot or cold.


Our PowerSteam enables professional frothing of large quantities of a wide variety of milk and alternative products. The PowerSteam takes over the barista craft automatically and monitors the temperature.


The XM can be expanded with any additional devices. For example, the aroma module refines your drinks with additional flavors.


The automatic HACCP-certified cleaning process guarantees hygienic operation with minimal time expenditure.


  • milk
    Variable temperature from cold to hot

  • Milk foam
    Variable consistency and temperature from cold to hot

  • Milk foam (XM PS)
    Variable consistency and temperature


  • AutoClean function

  • Touch screen 7”, video capable

  • Rex Royal Cloud (optional)


  • High quality materials

  • Solid, sustainable construction

  • Swiss made


249mm x 530mm x 599cm (WxHxD)


33.6 kg (XT), 36.3 kg (XTM), 34.5 kg (XT PS)

Electrical connections

380-415V|˜50/60 Hz|8.0-9.5 kW

Water connection

Hose G 3/8“ L = 2000 mm
Pressure 100-500 kPa / 1-5 bar
Hardness 5-8 dH° / 8-14 fH°
Chlorine < 30 ppm/l


Hose ø 27 mm L = 2000 mm
Drain ø 48 mm

It is worth mentioning that all of our fully automatic machines were produced right from the start in the renowned Swiss manufacturer REX ROYAL, under the management of the Sager family. This not only guarantees first-class quality, but also a long service life and reliability.

Our long-standing, trusting partnership has given us a decisive advantage in the field of fully automatic machines. We are characterized by outstanding quality, exceptional stability, comprehensive spare parts availability and direct 2nd level support from the manufacturer. These strengths result from decades of collaboration and are a guarantee for the satisfaction of our customers.

Since 2022, we have been proud to be the exclusive general importer of Rex Royal for all of Austria. This partnership underlines our commitment to providing world-class products and services in the coffee machine industry. Our customers therefore benefit from direct access to the most innovative technologies and highest quality coffee machines that the market has to offer.


Color / Black-Niro
Number of tea outlets
Dimensions / W 249/ H 530/ D 599
Connection values / 3N 400V
Performance / 9.5 kW
Weight / 33Kg

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