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Our coffee workshop in Saalfelden, Salzburg was created in response to the increasing industrialization of coffee production. As a result, the product itself has lost focus; marketing, profit optimization and disinformation determine the market. We want to prove the opposite. Because even as a small company that puts products and solutions before marketing and sales tables, you can be successful - we are convinced of that.

In the coffee workshop we combine coffee knowledge from several generations, which has been continuously developed for over 60 years and covers not only roasting, but all the steps involved in the production and preparation of the delicate luxury coffee.

With this know-how, many customers have been convinced and prizes won in the past. Using only the highest quality Arabica coffee from all over the world, traditional roasting ovens, combined with the most modern controls and sensors as well as a lot of knowledge and experience, we create the highest quality regional products that have a unique selling point on the market. We at Da Salzburger are committed to honesty, quality, transparency and practiced sustainability.

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